The late Robert Nesta Marley “Bob Marley in his song Trench Town Rock sang “one good thing about music when it hits you feel no pain” and he was certainly right because when you listen Grenada’s very own Akeem David Abraham (A#keem) music you definitely Feel Good from the positive vibes to his amazing vocal.
According to the artiste “he has been dabbling in the music for the past five years as a hobby but started doing it professionally from 2015, when he realize music was something he really wanted to do.”
The artiste says there is one phrase that can describe his music and that is “Island pop’ or can even be describe as urban/pop reggae.
The Feel Good Music Artist strongly believes in bringing pure, clean, positive vibes to his listeners, music that can uplift the people. According to A#keem the biggest tipping point in his career thus far was setting up the stage (Opening act) for international artistes Ashanti & Jah Rule At sunshine promotions Ah December to Remember Concert.
With Being an artiste you got to look to something for inspiration, but everyday life is where A#keem gets his inspirations.
In all walks of life there’s going to be obstacles and struggles but according to A#keem “the obstacles that arise in the industry, he don’t see them as obstacles but he sees them as motivation to try harder. He says sometime the lack of support is not there but at the same time the lack of support makes him wants to do better to please the people, and if he please the people then maybe they’re going to support”.
A#keem is currently in preparatory mode with his band “Nature’s Claim” getting ready for the Pure Grenada Music Festival to be held from the 5th-10th of April 2016.
A#keem’s latest release which is a collab with Jamaican female artiste Sharee Elise, which was made possible through their management team Spice Concoction, the song entitled “Sweet Reggae Music” The Song which sees A#keem unique voice blends with Sharee Elise voice like a Manhattan cocktail definitely has the potential to be the artiste breakthrough hit. And just like the Manhattan after hearing Sweet Reggae Music You’ll Definitely Be screaming for more.
The feel Good Music Artiste is open to doing collabs with other artistes but his dream collab would be with American Singer, song writer Bruno Mars. According to the singer he is a big fan of Bruno Mars because his music is similar to his.
The singer says “his greatest accomplishment throughout his career would be the appreciation for his music, that people can listen to the message he is sending, be an agent of change.”
We all know Music has and impact on both young and old. Everyone loves a celebrity. But A#keem advice for the youth of today is “don’t get too caught up with everything that is going on today because a lot of it is just to manipulate you and make money off of you. Stay focus and grounded.”
We here at Realfm Grenada Fully endorses and supports A#keem along his journey and all we can say is Grenada and the world watch out and Island Pop sensation is in the making.
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