Our cultures in the region and love for Soca Music allows us to collaborate easily and here's one fine such collaboration featuring Flipo of Trinidad.
"Call me what you like, Say I doh have shame" The words of of a care-free party goer during his blissful engagement of feting. Flipo teams up with Lil Vaughn and together they intone the thoughts and feelings of every partier high on the experience. From the Trinity peaks of Trinidad to the aromatic Spice fields of Grenada The two artists meet half way to produce this acoustically alluring sound that vocally and melodically express the convictions of one immersed in the act of having a good time. "Give me room let me Get Mad!" accompanied by a soca rhythm accented with a dash of contemporary seasoning, the soundtrack produced by SandMan assists the listener on their nostalgic four minute-twenty three second journey of euphoria. Spice Concoction presents "Get Mad". 
This contagious Groovy Track is made specifically in time for the 2016 Carnival Season  throughout the Caribbean featuring 2 great voices with the skills to render such a great song..

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