The Climate Kids Adventures Book Series Project is a project funded by the UNDP, under the ICCAS Project. It aims to engage young children in climate change awareness by communicating in a fun and understandable way: the causes, impacts and measures we can all take to adapt to its effects. We believe that educating children on climate change awareness from a young age is necessary in order to empower knowledgeable and conscientious adults.
From the survey done throughout the island last year, we found that 5 - 7 year olds knew very little about climate change. And according to researchers this generation will bear the brunt of rising sea levels that we have seen cause our beaches to disappear, warming seas that have affected our fishing industry and the degradation of our mangroves allowing the battering of our coast from more intense storms. We believe that this engaging book series will teach our children as early as possible the keys to adaptation; and you can help.
Hike To Camp Cool tells the story of Andrew and Jada as they try to find “Camp Cool” during the hottest summer Grenada has ever experienced. This book will introduce children to a variety of ways to adapt to climate change and to prevent future impacts. In Hurry, Hurry, It’s a Hurricane! Anna learns about disaster preparedness and teaches her friends ways to protect the environment.
We, at Climate Kids, recognize you as a cultural ambassador and influencer for many young Grenadians. It is for this purpose that we are hoping that you will agree to help us in educating the younger generation on climate change by employing your social media influence. We would like you to do a short video to post on your Instagram account – which would also be posted to our Instagram account – explaining who you are, what you do, and ending with the line “Let’s not get left behind. Let us do our part in adapting to climate change. Be cool! Be a climate kid!”. Additionally, what you say about what climate change means to you, is up to you; use your creativity!
These videos will be used specifically for promotion and awareness of our project and its mission. All we ask is that you tag us in the video, and use the hashtags #BeAClimateKid #ClimateKidsGrenada You can with connect us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 473-533-9520. We look forward to your response.
Rhema C.E. Lewis
Marketing Director
Facebook: @climatekidsadventures
Instagram: @climatekidsadventures
Twitter: @climatekidsgd
Climate Kids Adventures Book
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