The Climate Kids Adventures Book Series Project is a project funded by the UNDP, under the ICCAS Project. It aims to engage young children in climate change awareness by communicating in a fun and understandable way: the causes, impacts and measures we can all take to adapt to its effects. We believe that educating children on climate change awareness from a young age is necessary in order to empower knowledgeable and conscientious adults.
“Soca music in Grenada has taken a downward spiral where all they (entertainers) sing about is rum, girls and whining up and while some may say it is part of our culture at the same time our culture is much more than that.”
That was the view expressed by local entertainer, Akeem David Abraham, who goes by the stage name “A#keem,” as it relates to the quality of soca being produced by his fellow entertainers and often played on the airwaves throughout the country.
What genre of music are you involved in?
I don’t try to bound myself by any kind of genre. I am a musician. I am an artiste. So, my canvas is blank and whatever I choose to put on my canvas, I put, based on what I’m inspired by at the time; whatever I think is the right medium to carry the message I’m trying to deliver.
Music, for me, is more than just entertainment. It’s a mission and my mission is to usher in positive, permanent change with music.
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